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How to: Blanching vegetables

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This is one of the basic techniques in cooking. This is a good way of cooking your vegetables but keep them crisp and brightly colored.




Ice cubes


Cutting board






Chop your vegetables as desired, or according to the instructions of the recipe. Place a pot in the heat and bring to a boil. In the meanwhile, fill a bowl with water and ice cubes.

Carefully add the vegetables to the boiling pot, preferably each type separately. If it is a large amount, do it in small batches. Boil them for a minute or two; you may take one out and carefully check if it is done; they must be crisp yet cooked. In the case of broccoli, you may insert a knife, if it clings to it, then it is not done.

Once you determine that they are ready, quickly strain and immerse them into the ice water to stop the cooking process, this is known as “shocking”. Keep the vegetables in the water until they are completely cooled and drain them.

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