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Basil Lemon Cookies

basil lemon cookies

Lemon and basil are a great match in these chewy cookies. Another great example of how veggies can be used for sweet treats!



1 stick (4 ounces 1/2 cup) butter, at room temperature
, cut into cubes

2/3 cup granulated sugar

1 egg

1/2 tsp vanilla

1 tbsp fresh lemon juice

Zest from 1 lemon

Zest from 1/2 lime

2 tablespoons basil leaves, finely chopped

1 3/4 cup all-purpose flour

1/2 tsp baking soda

1/2 tsp salt



Preheat oven to 325°F.

Cream the butter until it changes color (pale), add the sugar and beat well.

Meanwhile, sift the flour; add the baking soda and salt.

Stir in the egg, lemon juice, vanilla, and lemon & lime zests. Beat until thoroughly mixed. Add the dry ingredients and mix. Fold in the basil.

Measure tablespoonfuls of dough; place on a large baking sheet. Bake until edges are brown, about 10 minutes for a soft yet a bit crispy cookie. Transfer to a wire rack; let cool.


Source: Slightly adapted from Chasing Delicious.

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Panzanella Salad


This salad has a summery flavor in each bite.


1/8 cup olive oil

3 tbsp balsamic vinegar

salt and pepper to taste

1 garlic clove

1/2 onion

2 cups of chopped tomatoes or use cherry tomatoes

250g mozzarella cheese

1 bunch of basil leaves

2 cups of croutons

Serves: 4-6


In a small bowl combine the olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. Thinly slice the onion and mince the garlic and put them in the dressing mixture. Stir to combine and let it rest for 10 minutes.

Wash your tomatoes and basil leaves. If using plum tomatoes, dice them into bite-sized pieces or half the cherry tomatoes, place them in a medium bowl. Add the mozzarella cheese (either little balls or cut into bite-sized pieces) and the croutons. Stir in the dressing mixture with onions and garlic. Chop the basil leaves,  and scatter them. Toss everything together.

Adapted from Garnish with Lemon.

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Basil Cream Soup

basil soup

After a long and cold day, one of the most comforting things you can do when you get home, besides changing into warm clothes and drinking a cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate, is having a homey meal. To us, this soup enters into this category. Today’s recipe is for our friends in the southern hemisphere who recently started winter.


1 cup fresh basil

2 cups (500ml) chicken stock

2 tbsp (1/8 stick, 28g) butter

3 tbsp cornflour

4 cups (1L) milk

ground pepper and salt to taste

Serves: 6


Heat the chicken stock in a small pot, bring to a boil, then reduce to simmer. Add the basil (if you wish, you may save some of the smallest leaves for decorating). In a drinking cup mix the cornflour with 1/3 cup of milk, stir thoroughly to avoid lumps. In a saucepan melt the butter; add the cornflour-milk mixture; pour in the remaining milk and stir. Add the chicken stock with basil. Check flavor, you may add ground pepper and salt if needed. Cook until thickened, and stir constantly to prevent from sticking in the bottom of the pan. Optional: sprinkle some shredded cheese.

Source: Adapted from Taste of Home.

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Pesto Sauce


Hello and Welcome to our recipes blog where we share with you some ideas on how to make use of our hydroponically grown vegetables and herbs to create main dishes or complement your meals!

For our first recipe, we have selected a really simple one, where basil is our main ingredient; we are making Pesto Sauce. This sauce is one of the basics and is used in many ways: as an appetizer with bread, pita or crackers; as a dressing for pasta, pizza or spread for sandwiches, among others.

This recipe admits some changes depending on your budget or taste. For instance, some recipes call for pine nuts, but no worries, these can be substituted with walnuts. Some people dislike pesto sauce because they claim it is too oily. Well, even though it is part of the recipe, we are not keen on using large quantities of oil; therefore we have reduced it.


2 cups of fresh basil

2 cloves garlic

1/4 cup (40g) pine nuts (or walnuts)

1/2 cup (125ml / 4 fl oz) olive oil

1/2 cup (50g) Parmesan cheese

salt to taste


If using pine nuts, place them on a frying pan over low heat until toasted (golden color), shaking occasionally. Transfer to food processor, add the basil and garlic and pulse until coarsely chopped. Drizzle the olive oil, add the cheese and pulse until well combined.

Source: slightly adapted from Food Network.