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Cucumber Avocado Tea Sandwiches

cucumber sandwiches

What is your first impression when you see tea sandwiches or finger sandwiches at a party? Perhaps that they are boring or bland, particularly if they are made of cucumber? Well, they don’t have to be! An acquaintance of ours recently had an event and was in need of a vegetarian option for finger sandwiches and wanted something different. We shared this recipe for her to try and it was a hit!


2 ripe avocados

1 cucumber

juice of 1 lemon

salt and pepper to taste

8 big slices of white bread

Serves: 16


Take the slices of bread and remove the crusts (you don’t have to throw them away, you could use them for bread pudding); cut into 4 pieces. Set aside. Peel off the skin of the cucumber and dice it. Place in a small bowl, pour half of the lemon juice and add about a 1/4 tsp salt and stir. Set aside. Remove the pit of the avocados, scoop into a small bowl, sprinkle salt and pepper to taste, mash with a fork. Pour the other half of the lemon juice into the mixture and stir well.

To assemble: with a butter knife, spread the avocado mixture on each piece of bread; scoop the cucumber onto half of the slices of bread and close with the remaining half. Serve. Try not to leave them sitting for more than 1.5hr.

Source: Adapted from The PPK.

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Radish Tea Sandwiches

radish tea sandwiches

One of the good things about appetizers is that they are easy and quick to prepare; this one is no exception. The combination of the radishes, ginger and scallion is intriguing, in the good sense.


4 tbsp (42g) light cream cheese

10 radishes

1 small scallion

1/4 tsp olive oil

1 tsp fresh grated ginger

pinch of salt

16 slices of French baguette

Serves: 16


Chop the scallion, peel the ginger and grate it, slice the radishes, set aside. In a small bowl mix the cream cheese, about 3/4 of the scallion, olive oil, ginger and salt. Spread the mixture over the baguette slices, top with slices of radish. Garnish with the remaining scallion.

Source: Slightly adapted from Bon Appétit.


Chicken Sandwich

Chicken Sandwich

We like today’s recipe as it incorporates four of our hydroponic veggies: celery, scallionbell pepper and lettuce. We also like it because it is very fulfilling and practical for making a quick lunch or dinner.


1 1/2 cups chopped cooked chicken

1/2 cup chopped celery

1/2 cup bell pepper

2 scallions

1/2 cup natural yogurt

1/8 tsp salt

1/8 tsp pepper

4 whole wheat sandwich buns, split

4 lettuce leaves

4 slices of mild cheese

Serves: 4


In a medium bowl combine the first seven ingredients. Warm the sandwich buns. Place a slice of mild cheese, like Provolone, and a lettuce leaf on each of the buns. Fill with the chicken salad and you’re done!

Source: Original.